Thursday, July 12, 2007


From information received from the guy that writes that brilliant 'Born With a Tail' blog, who by his good fortune bears my family name and more importantly for him - the family genes and jewels - I'm here to report to you that the NASCAR Conservative entry is not doing too well.

You will recall my brilliant piece 'Talladega Nightmares: the Ballad of Stevie Harpie (with apologies to Will Ferrell)" of June 18, 2004. The piece commented on the Conservatives sponsoring a sleek gas guzzling (125 gallons in a 250 mile race) Dodge owned by Pierre Bourque.

Bourque, you will recall, masquerades as a news provider with his 'Bourque Newswatch' on the internet, but in reality is a shill for the Bush's pal Steve Harper's Conservatives. He does this lowly and demeaning toil for a very good reason - the Conservatives have sponsored his gas eating Godzilla in the Canadian NASCAR circuit.

The flashy purveyor of Conservative flim-flam, in his capacity as fearless, but slow, stock car racer can be seen here:

His current lowly standing in the competition is 24th out of 36.

You will recall my prediction. I said that this ill-conceived misadventure of the Harperites would go nowhere, and that the bubbas and the crackers were too smart to be manipulated to vote Conservative as a result of such shoddy patronizing.

So far, I'm right. Bourque's crate will soon be on its way to the auto-wreckers, and the Conservative sponsorship bucks are going right up into the ozone layer.
The crackers will show that they haven't been convinced by such nonsense in the next election.

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