Tuesday, February 06, 2007


"Alberta," according to the Premier yesterday, "is the only province on record that has actually reduced CO2 Emissions by 16 per cent."

Ah, correction. An Alberta Environment official later set the record straight. In fact, Emissions have increased by 40% since 1990. It is Emissions Intensity that is down by 16%.

Emissions Intensity measures against the growth in industrial production, so that if the rate of increase of emissions is slower than the rate of increase of production, Emissions Intensity is reduced. All the while, the bad stuff - Emissions - coming out of the chimneys is still galloping along and increasing. Such is the case in Alberta.

Did the Premier merely mispeak? Or did he know the difference between Emissions and Emission Intensity? Or did he know the difference, but try to pass off the Emissions Intensity number to make the Emissions problem appear as not so much of a problem?

What do you think?

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